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DS has done business with Meridian Pros for years on a range of projects. We have come to know the owners, Eric and George very well and are happy to speak to their quality of character. DS will continue to work with Meridian, and does not hesitate to recommend their services.

— DS Environmental


Wow. From Alfredo who first walked our house for a bid, to Eric and George the owners, to Brandon the site manager, we had a great customer service experience. I explained my need for great communication, and they delivered. At the end, Brandon led me through a walk of the project. It had been done so well. And - as many home owners know, so often there is some kind of damage left from big home projects. Not with Meridian. They cared for our home while we were away (due to the asbestos abatement). I’m so glad I went with this company!

— Sabrena Miller


Meridian has been a great help to our family- especially in my parent's home. I appreciate the owners. Jorge and Eric were very thorough in explaining and walking us through the process. If you need any help on your next project, call them first!

— Gordon Alley


We had a great experience with Jorge and his company Meridian when they did an abatement for our company. I would highly recommend his company to family and friends.

—Osborn Hunttest


So happy we got to work with Meridian. James was working on our house all three times our house got damaged and in such stressful time he could not have been more friendly. The work done was also great we have three children and felt the communication was clear and consistent and we felt safe living in our house while work was being done.

— Stacey Stetson


First, if you need the services of an asbestos abatement contractor, the following characteristics are essential:

1. The contractor and crew are licensed, bonded, and insured.

2. They are knowledgeable of not only their line of business (the number and complexity of regulation is enormous) but are cognizant of the disruption and seriousness of the property owner's needs.

3. Fairly priced.

4. Professional. The latter point can make all the difference in your experience as the contractor will need to interact not only with city and county officials, but as in my situation, State of Colorado officials as well. Meridian staff possesses all of these characteristics and it is without hesitation that I would not only call upon them again but recommend them to anyone seeking abatement services.

Second, a summary of my situation: I purchased an older house and commenced an extensive rehabilitation project. I was aware that the vinyl flooring contained asbestos fibers (not uncommon in older homes) but I became concerned after removing damaged drywall and saw atypical insulation as well as an exhaust vent that appeared to be made of transite. I contacted the State of CO (Dept. of Environmental Health) and reviewed their website for abatement contractors who have run afoul of Dept. regulations. I contacted several contractors to obtain estimates for what turned out to be an extensive undertaking. I was impressed with Meridian from the outset: They were the only contractor to take action immediately to mitigate the possibility of dispersion of asbestos materials - this was before I had even received a quote! They explained what needed to be done, how it would be accomplished, what they needed from me as the property owner, and the time frame for completion. Their quote was competitive - they didn't "buy the business". Their professionalism alone was worth every cent.

Third, several months after Meridian completed their initial work, I called upon them again to have the transite siding removed from the garage and the house. Again, Meridian's quote was competitive and due to the nature of the project, it was completed in short order.

Fourth, asbestos abatement is a complex, nasty job. It's crucial that the job site be kept clean and safe. Plus, when your neighbors see the activity and eventually learn what's going on (and they will), it is so important that the contractor and crew can communicate effectively with people - so as not to raise alarm.

In summary, Meridian is skilled, prompt, fair, and I believe is looking out for the property owner's best interests.